Pearl Poe sees a man's hidden sin in a vision



One night in the second week, a man and wife came in, whom I had seen in the vision. The next day I was sent for to go to their home. The man with whom I was staying said "You had better not go down there. He has a bad reputation." I said, "I will go; you pray for me." When I arrived, I was asked to come into the house. The father sent their two small boys out of the house and told them to go over in a pasture on a hill where he could see them from the window. They were to stay there until he called for them.

There was only one door in the house. I was asked to sit down. He took his chair and set it against the door. He began talking by saying, "Last night, when we came in the church, you looked at us as if you had seen us before." I said, "I have." He asked, "Where?" I answered, "In a vision on Saturday night." He turned pale, and said, "What did you see?" I said, "The clothing you have on is stolen and all the goods in this house was stolen from the railroad cars. You helped rob a store," and I told him where, and described those who helped and told him where they had a lot of stuff hidden. He said, "What next?" I said, "You struck a man in the head with a club and he died later from it. You murdered that man. Though the law could not pin it on you, God has." Then he said, "What next?" I said, "Down around the bluff, you have a hole dug in the side of the hill and you have it covered with brush. In it you have a still, a barrel of mash, and twenty-seven gallons of booze." He said, "My God, Wife, this is of God, and it is true. Mr. Poe, what can I do?" I said, "You have stolen meat from your neighbor's meat houses and stolen stock from their pastures. You must repent and confess your sins. Go to those from whom you have stolen and tell them you are getting right with God and that you will pay them as soon as you can get the money." Every one of the men forgave him. He took back the things they had not used that had been taken from the store, and was forgiven. He went to the altar and was gloriously saved. He sought holiness and claimed a call to preach. I was told that his wife opposed it and that she backslid and made it hard for him and left him. God knows the future.