The Bible records many dreams, that God in his providence gave to his people under former dispensations. He declared that He would "speak to his prophets in a dream;" and again that "God speaks in a dream, though man perceives it not." The moral Governor of this world speaks to mankind in every age. We have already brought to view several that seem to be strongly marked with Divine origin. We will give another that is connected with the introduction of Methodism into New England by the Rev. Jesse Lee.

Mrs. Risley, Mrs. Wells, and Ruth Hall -- three women constituted the first society that he formed there. Mrs. Risley came from Egg Harbor, in New Jersey, where the Lord was working through the instrumentality of the Methodists, to Fairfield, Connecticut. She and some of her well disposed female friends agreed to pray that the Lord would send faithful laborers into that part of his vineyard. Not long afterwards Mrs. Mary Wells dreamed that she saw a large man coming towards her with four companies gathering from the east, west, north, and south. She asked the stranger what these great companies meant. He answered "The glorious day is just at hand." She awoke with these words in her mind, "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

In the morning while pondering on the dream and its import, her neighbor came in and informed her that a stranger -- a minister of the Gospel -- was at her house, and that he was the happiest man she ever saw. Mrs. Wells went home with her to see the man -- when lo, it was the same person she had seen in her dream! It was Jesse Lee.