San Francisco destruction foreseen in a dream



In January, 1906, Rev. C. B. Langdon took charge of the work in San Francisco, which up to that time was in a very weak condition. Brother Langdon, who was a converted locomotive engineer, was a man of the most heroic and self-sacrificing mold. He never asked about a salary, or the probabilities of receiving support, but seemed to delight in doing the hardest kind of pioneer work. He was one of the brightest, happiest men it has ever been my privilege to meet. He lived and thrived where most men would starve, maintained constant victory, and laid firm foundations for others to build on. His preaching was earnest, spiritual, and expository, and full of sparkling and strikingly original illustrations and applications of the truth. Under his leadership, the little church in San Francisco took on strength and numbers. Shortly prior to the great earthquake and fire in San Francisco, the Lord gave Brother Langdon a vision of the city as it was being destroyed by a mighty conflagration, and when a little later he saw it in flames, he plainly recognized many things that he had seen in his dream.