If ever his satanic majesty hated a company of saints, it seems to me he hated these missionaries, and if it had been in his province as "the prince of the power of the air" to have drowned them in the deepest sea, I have no doubt he would have gladly done so.

Mark the following letter from Levi D. Johnson, M. D. The letter was mailed at Madeira Island, February 12, where the steamer Biaffra stopped on which they sailed from Liverpool to Africa. He says:--

"I had a blessed experience one terrible stormy night. Would that I could paint it as I saw it. Had suffered much all day, and was weary with the tossing of the ship. During the night I dreamed I was here under just my present circumstances. I thought a storm was raging on the deep and I trying to keep in my bunk. I arose and looked out over the waste of troubled waters and saw the Angel of Death flying directly toward the ship. I at once recognized him and in a few moments he entered my state-room and stood in front of me, and looking me squarely in the face said, 'Who are you?' I replied, 'I am a poor worm of the dust, washed in the blood of Jesus. My name is Levi D. Johnson and I am now on my way from America to Africa to carry the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ to dark benighted hearts.' For an instant he looked at me intensely, then said as he hastened away, 'I could not drown you if I would.' Instantly I awoke and a calm sense of absolute safety filled my whole being. How good our Father is to give us these manifestations of His love and pity. Bless His name. I do love Him.