Knowledge of a death given holy Ann in a dream



It has been written, "He that is faithful in that which is least shall be made ruler of much," and it is a general principle that those who are untrue in the so-called secular matters of life can never be made powerful in the spiritual realm. Ann kept her covenant with the Reid family, and stayed with them until, first Mrs. Reid. and then later the old doctor, had passed away nor did her task end then; she continued to keep house for the family that was left until they grew up and her services were required no longer. Even then she constantly followed them with her prayers. Two of the boys left the old homestead and determined to seek their fortunes in the South, and took up residence in New Orleans. A cousin accompanied them on this journey. They had not long resided there when a terrible plague of yellow fever visited the city. People died by hundreds and thousands and were carted away to the outskirts of the city without any ceremony whatever. For two weeks at this period without knowing what was occurring Ann had a great burden of prayer, and used to go daily to her friend, Mrs. Hughes, and together they interceded on behalf of the two absent boys. During this time Ann had a vision one night that Joshua, the youngest, had died. So certain was she of this that the next morning she visited Mrs. Hughes and told her that she knew Joshua was dead, and that she could no longer pray for him. This friend tried to persuade Ann that it was the constant thought and care for the boys and her undue anxiety that caused her to think thus. But Ann was persistent in stating that her Father had given her the dream and that it must be so. The cousin kept in correspondence with the two girls who were at home with Ann. He reported that both of the boys had fever, but it was not until six weeks after, when Henry, the other brother, had fully recovered from the fever, that he sent home word that Joshua had died, and when the date became known it was found that it was on the very night of Ann's dream.