Led out of "the swamp" of sin by a dream



In 1771 Mr. Pilmoor, in company with Mr. R. Williams, went from New York to New Rochelle, for the purpose of preaching to the people. Hearing that there was a religious meeting at Mr. Frederick Deveau's, they went to it. The wife of Mr. Deveau, who then lay very sick, had a short time before dreamed that she was in a dismal, dark, and miry swamp, without path, light, or guide, where she wandered, faint and weary, until she was about to give up to die, when two men came to her, one of whom had a light, and offered to lead her out -- she followed them, and was safely brought to her family. The imagery of the dream so deeply impressed her, that she said she could describe the very person who led her out of the swamp. The Rev. Ichabod Lewis, a Presbyterian minister of White Plains, conducted the meeting that night. When he was done, Mr. Pilmoor desired permission to speak to the people before they withdrew. Mr. Lewis wished to know to what church he belonged; and, being told, he said he did not know who the Methodists were, and demanded his credentials of ordination; but, learning that he was not ordained, positively refused to let him speak. Mr. Pilmoor, finding out the proprietor of the house, asked his permission; who, going to the adjoining room to consult his sick wife, opened the door, when Mrs. Deveau saw Mr. Pilmoor standing in the other room, and exclaimed "There is the man who led me out of the swamp, and he must preach." Mr. Pilmoor began, and Mr. Lewis left the house; and while he was offering a full, free, and present salvation, Mrs. Deveau was, indeed, brought out of the swamp of spiritual mire and darkness, into the glorious light of peace and pardon; and, having enjoyed the blessed evidence of God's favor a few days, she died triumphant in the Lord. The following Saturday Mr. Pilmoor preached with great effect to the whole neighborhood, whom this remarkable providence had brought together.