Heavenly music



Two members of the church here in Chattanooga, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brock, were very devout. Brother Brock was an old fashioned singing school teacher. His favorite song was, "O come angel band, come and around me stand, O bear me away on your snowy wings to my eternal home." A number of years ago Brother Brock passed on to be with the Lord, His going was triumphant. Sister Brock loved the Lord devotedly and loved the services. She developed a malignant cancer on her face. She was rather sensitive about it and hesitated to be in public. So for years she attended services but little. Her health was fast failing and it was evident she would not live long in this world. One Saturday she said to her daughter, Mrs. Thedford, the wife of our Sunday school superintendent, "Minnie Lee, I feel that I soon will be gone. I feel sure that all is right but I am going to fast and pray today and ask the Lord if all is clear." This she did and reported to her daughter that the Lord had revealed Himself to her in a most unusual way. She declared that she had seen clear inside heaven. That was on Saturday. The next day she was very ill and never regained consciousness. She grew worse. Friends were sitting up with her. On Tuesday night, about midnight, a strange thing happened. Those who were sitting up with her, (about a dozen of them) heard music. It was different from anything they had ever before heard. It was instrumental, so soft and gentle. Someone suggested that it must be that some of the neighbors next door had the radio turned on and they were getting this. They went out of the room and listened. They walked around the house, across the street, but not a sound. They went back into the room and it was very audible. It continued until four in the morning, and just at four they distinctly heard a sound like the chime of a celestial bell. Three strokes of the bell were heard. After this the music suddenly stopped. They were perplexed and awed. Some said she will go three nights from now. Anyway the next night, Tuesday, at exactly twelve o'clock, just as before, the music began and continued till exactly four and suddenly stopped. Many more were there that night to hear the music. Thursday night, at the same time, the music began and continued till exactly four. At that time it ceased and at that moment Sister Brock breathed her last. I cannot explain this. I am only stating what took place. Probably forty or fifty people heard this. Those who heard fully believed that it was a heavenly visitation. The Lord does say that Lazarus was carried by the angels into the good world. It may be that since Sister Brock had been deprived of the privilege of attending the services, and hearing the singing, that the angels saw fit to give her a little free music as she passed over. Anyway if they did I see no reason why one should object. She too loved her husband's favorite song, "O come angel band."


From: EFFECTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS By William Moses Tidwell, Printed in U.S.A. 1943, Beacon Hill Press Kansas City, Mo.