Though the incident referred to here occurred just before the outbreak of the War, the Editor of “Confidence” has only recently had the opportunity of investigating it. He is sure many readers of “Confidence” will be glad to have the details he has now secured.

At the London Convention on Tuesday, June 13th, at the Evening Meeting Bro. Stephen Jeffreys (the Collier-Preacher of South Wales) was speaking and referring to “Mountain-Top Experiences.” Stephen Jeffreys came under my notice first in 1913, when I read in the “Life of Faith” of the Revival Touch which had come to Cwmtwrch (Coomtourc) under his preaching. I made a journey a little later to Penybont, near to Llandrindrod Wells, and there I first met our brother and heard him preach. His brother George (now at Belfast) was there also; so I can endorse the story as one who knows the Welsh Revivalist. He told us in the course of his sermon in the Central Hall how, when he was preaching in Wales nearly two years ago, there came suddenly a supernatural picture upon the wall above the platform. At first it was the head of a LAMB, then it gradually changed and became the


There it remained in the sight of the congregation and of everyone who came in to see it. It was just a little while before the commencement of the great War. It was surely in some way a warning as to that terrible thing that was coming on the earth.


I had a talk with our Brother after the meeting. Mr. Geo. Every (“Springfield,” Westbury Street, Llanelly, South Wales) was standing with us, and he corroborated as an eye-witness all that Pastor Stephen Jeffreys said.

“Will you let me ask you some questions as to this miraculous picture of Christ?” I said. “Yes, gladly I will,” he replied.”

First, exactly where did it appear?

On the wall of the Island Place Mission Room at Llanelly (South Wales) above the platform.

Was it at night? and during a meeting?

Yes, I was preaching, and I noticed that the people were all beginning to look at something behind me, and at last I stopped and turned to see what it was that attracted their attention, and then saw the Face.

What kind of light was there in that Hall?

It was lit by electric light. Everything was quite plain.

What was the wall like? Was it plastered? Had it a smooth surface?

It was something like the wall over there. Tinted, or slightly coloured.

Could you go to-day and put your hand on the wall exactly where it appeared?

Indeed I could. It was there for six hours, to be seen by everyone. Next day it had gone.

Did anyone try to explain it?

No; no one could possibly explain it. It was just there for everyone to see, above the platform. It was a vision sent to us by the Lord. It reminded us that He was indeed the slain Lamb, and that that Lamb was identical with the Crucified Saviour bearing the sin of the world. He seemed to be sorrowing with His people over the things which were coming upon the earth.

Bro. Every said that he went up to the wall and was close to the picture. It was the size of a man’s face. The eyes were remarkable, they seemed to be alive and moving. (He drew as it were with his finger on the wall where we were standing the shape and size of the picture.) I asked Bro. Every if he could send me any account which had appeared in one of the local papers. He has sent me the following cutting from the Llanelly “Star”:--

A remarkable experience is related by those who attend the mission services now being held at the Island Place Gospel Hall. For some months past Mr. Stephen Jeffreys, an earnest mission worker, has been conducting services here among a section of the community to whom the churches and chapels seem to make no appeal. During the service on Sunday night the congregation were startled to see a vision appearing on the wall behind where the preacher was standing. The outlines appeared to be blurred at first, but by-and-by the congregation recognised the head and face of the Man of Sorrows, with the Crown of Thorns upon His head.

Speaking to a “Star” representative to-day, Mr. Jeffreys gave a thrilling account of what he described as


“We have had many conversions,” he said, ‘‘but what occurred on Sunday night transcends all that one could have hoped for. My back was turned to the portion of the wall where the vision appeared, and my attention was drawn to it by some of the congregation who were spell-bound to see the face of our Blessed Lord standing boldly out on the wall. There was no mistaking the appearance--it was the Man of Sorrows looking on us with ineffable love and compassion shining out of His wonderful eyes. The effect upon us all was one that will never be forgotten by any who were privileged to behold it. Some of my congregation saw the head crowned with thorns, but I cannot speak as to this, as I did not see it . The face, however, was not to be mistaken, and it still haunts me. It remained on the wall for hours after the service closed, and we kept the building open in order that all should have the opportunity of witnessing this wonderful revelation. Many unbelievers came in and


It was a proof to us that the Lord is with us in our work, and it will inspire us to more wholehearted consecration to His service.”

A member of the congregation told our representative that to him the vision appeared as that of the Lord appearing out of a great cloud. “I went early on Monday morning,” he added, “but by that time the vision had disappeared.”

Bro. Every secured for “Confidence” a copy of a photo taken shortly afterwards, showing the spot (marked with a x ) where the picture appeared. (See picture on front page.)



From: Confidence, Vol. IX, No. 7, July 1916, pag. 113, 114, Sunderland, England