During one of our evening meetings not long ago I became conscious in my spirit that there was some hindrance to God’s workings in those present. Without in the least expecting such an answer as came to me, I prayed “O Lord, show me what hinders Thee!“

At once a voice seemed to say in my ear, “Come, and I will show you.” Then I seemed to be taken in spirit with Jesus into the air where I could look into the room and see the people kneeling there, myself one of the number. I soon noticed that the upper part of the room was filled with a vast number of very large bees which looked to be about 2½ feet across their outstretched wings, having stings in their tails which were 5 or 6 inches long. I said, “Oh, see all those bees! The Lord replied, “They are not bees. They are made to look like bees to you, but they are demons.” I saw that they were stinging one and another in the most terrible manner until nearly everyone in the room was attacked, and was in dreadful suffering in consequence.

The Lord spoke to me again and said, “If you will look closely you will see that they have their names on their backs.” I looked and read these words on different bees: Fear, Envy, Pride, Dread, Doubts, Unbelief, Jealousy, the Opinion of Others, Lack of Love, etc. Jesus said, “These are the things that are hindering my work.”

Just then at one side I saw what seemed to me to be smoke, and I asked, “What is burning?” He said, “Nothing is burning; I will show you what it is.” Then I saw Heaven opened and the Throne of God, with God Himself sitting on the Throne. The smoke I had seen was rising before the Throne, and Jesus said, “This is the prayers of the saints that rise as sweet incense before the Throne of God.” Then He told me to look into the room again, and this time I saw the bees falling dead, here one and there another, then in increasing numbers till they fell by dozens from the effects of the smoke. Jesus said to me, “Prayer is the power that will kill these bees, and so let Me have My perfect right of way in these hearts.”

Brethren and sisters, let us continue constant in prayer lest these bees sting us.



Alliance Mission,

Gowalia Tank Road,

Bombay, India.


From: Confidence, No. 5, August 15th 1908, pag. 20,21, Sunderland, England