A birthday gift

 Testimony of B. A., - Sunderland -



It was the day before my birthday when the Lord Jesus gave to me the most beautiful birthday gift I have ever known. Oh, it is wonderful to think that the Lord would let me see part of that beautiful city which will one day be ours if we trust in the Almighty God. Sunday, October 6th, was the day I really gave my heart to the Lord Jesus, who was from that day to be my all in all. It happened during the time that Pastor Barratt was with us at All Saints' Parish Hall. After giving my heart to the Lord, I began to attend the meetings more. We had been very busy at home on the Tuesday. At night we went to the meeting. We stayed to the after-meeting. We had not been kneeling very long before Pastor Barratt came up to me and asked me if I had given my heart to the Lord, and I said "Yes." He laid his hand upon my shoulder. Not long after he had done this I began to shake, the Lord had begun His work in me. Gradually I was caused by the Lord Jesus to turn on to my back. The Lord Jesus opened my eyes, and there standing before me was the Blessed Lord Himself, with outstretched arms, just  ready to put His loving arms around me and take me home rejoicing. Oh, how I tried to reach my Saviour. Shortly after this the Lord shewed me


First I went up to Heaven and knocked at the Golden Gates, they were opened wide, and I entered in. The Lord Jesus placed upon my head a crown of gold. While in the presence of my Saviour I saw my two young sisters and my brother, who had gone home to glory a few years before. One of them said to me, "Oh, B, isn't it beautiful?” and they took hold of my hands and began to dance for joy. Then the Lord Jesus shewed me a very small part of what he has suffered for everyone of us. He took me to the Cross, and there showed me Himself hanging there, and becoming a curse for us, that we through His most precious blood might be saved and have everlasting life. There He was hanging, with all our sins upon Him. Oh! the look of sorrow and love that was upon His face is one never to be forgotten. There He was with the crown of thorns upon His head, and there were


standing round. The tears began to run down my cheeks as I looked upon my Saviour. While looking at the Lord Jesus hanging there, suddenly one of the soldiers drew his spear and pierced His side. It was more than I could bear; I commenced to sob and cry. Pastor Barratt asked me what I saw, but I could not speak. I was sobbing and crying, and could not possibly speak. It was too rnuch to see my Lord who had set me free from sin being put to death. After a while I looked up, and there was my Saviour again, but this time he was in Glory and the angels magnifying Him as their risen Lord. Oh, how I tried to reach up and touch my Master. One near me asked me to tell what I saw, but I could not speak. He said, "Move your head; do you see the angels?" and I answered by moving my head, which meant ''Yes." The vision went. I looked around to see where I was. It had been so very real to me that I even felt my head to know if my crown was still there. After this had been revealed to me, I dare not and would not go astray from my Saviour. The Lord Jesus did not leave me here, nor did I wish to stay where I was. Oh, my Blessed Lord was manifesting himself more graciousIy to me. My only desire was to follow on with my Blessed Master, to know more of Him, and to be filled with His Holy Spirit. I began to wait upon God to be baptised with His Holy Spirit. Attending the meetings, the Lord Jesus was very real to me; how I did rejoice, it only made me want more of Himself. The Devil used to come and tell me that Jesus did not love me; but how could I or dare I turn my head away from my Lord who had done so much for me. Well, the Lord used to bless me so much, until one Sunday afternoon the Lord Jesus spoke through me in an unknown tongue. Oh, the peace that came into my heart shall never be forgotten. The message that the Lord gave was, “Jesus is coming soon.” Oh,


that will be -- when our Saviour comes to take His children out of this sinful world, to be for ever with Himself. Dear friends, let us labour for our Master till He comes. “Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life.”-- Rev. ii.,10. Amen.


From: Confidence, No. 5, August 15th 1908, pag. 6, 7, Sunderland, England