‘I had an unsaved sister who was sick in Los Angeles, California. I dreamed one night that instead of my sister Mary being sick in Los Angeles she was dying in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. It seemed as if she were in bed with a white sheet over her head, and on this sheet in orange letters were the words, ‘No smoking’. The room filled with light. It made me afraid. All of a sudden I could hear my sister say: ‘I’m healed! I’m saved!’ The white light vanished and I could see her running back and forth, praising God. I awoke. The dream stayed with me.

One morning I received a telegram saying that my sister Mary was dying in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. She had double pneumonia and was given up to die. I rushed to the airport just in time to catch the plane to San Antonio. From there I took the bus to Sapulpa. I phoned the Sapulpa hospital and asked them if my sister Lucille were there. They replied, ‘Yes, she is here’, and they called her to the phone. I asked her: ‘Lucille, how is Mary?’ She answered: ‘She’s just waiting for you to get here, to die. The doctors have given her up’. I ran for a taxicab and said to the driver: ‘Take me to Sapulpa, Oklahoma as fast as you can’. We arrived. I jumped out of the cab and ran up the hospital steps. All my relatives were standing there. I hurried into the room where Mary was, took her hand and began to pray. There she lay unconscious under an oxygen tent; it was white, with the words written on it in orange letters, ‘No Smoking’. This was my dream! I prayed to God. He said: ‘Tell everyone you see that I am going to heal your sister’. About four o’clock that afternoon Mary awoke from her coma and said: ‘Mama, I’m so hungry. Won’t you get me something to eat?’ The doctor said they might give her any thing she desired. She was dying in any case. ‘What do you want?’ asked her mother. ‘I want some bacon, eggs, toast and coffee!’ She ate it ravenously. Ten minutes later the doctor examined her. ‘This is a miracle’, he said. ‘The air is breaking under those lungs that have been packed full of pneumonia!’ Mary went to sleep. The doctor asked if she had vomited what she had eaten. ‘No’. More amazement! Mary slept till eight o’clock that night. She awoke and said, ‘Mama, I’m so hungry. Do get me something to eat’ Mother phoned an inquiry to the doctor. He asked: ‘Has she vomited the other yet?’ ‘No’. He came and examined her and then with tears rolling down his cheeks, looked up and said: ‘These lungs are absolutely clear. Her heart is beating normally. Her pulse is normal. There is no reason for this woman to be in bed. Something has happened!’ My sister was saved and was home in a few days, sweeping floors, and singing, praising and magnifying God’.


This story was told by an evangelist to Harold Horton, in it we find a word of knowledge and a word of wisdom


From: Harold Horton, The Gifts of the Spirit, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Missouri, USA, 1975, pages 51-52