‘Put that money away!’



The Word of Wisdom may be employed to warn an individual of approaching danger and to deliver from harm.

It was in those terrible days in Ireland when to be out on the streets after curfew was to invite the flying bullets and the flashing knives of the lawless. In a little kitchen bakery run single-handed by a lonely old woman of God. She told me the story herself in the bread-scented little living room with the teacakes cooling on the dresser.

‘I was counting my week’s takings on a Friday afternoon’, she said, ‘- a matter of perhaps twelve pounds. Sitting on that chair, I was. A voice plainly said, ‘Put that money away!’

‘I looked round. Nobody in the room. I stepped to the door. Nobody in the street. I went on counting and making up my little book.

‘The voice again, louder. ‘Put that money away!’ I looked round again. No person near. ‘Yes, Lord,’ I said, recognizing His warning Voice, ‘I am just finishing now’.

‘Then louder than ever, ‘Put that money away!’

‘I got afraid and pushed the money quickly under a cushion on that couch, when immediately two roughs came in at the door. ’Hullo, Auntie!’ said one: ‘We have come to see you’. ‘You are not my nephews’ I said.

‘Then one took me by the throat and, pressing me back into a chair, put a pistol to my forehead, saying: ‘Where is your money?’ The other man was searching all the drawers in the room.

‘I am a child of God’, I said, ‘and that pistol will never go off!’

‘Then the Spirit of the Lord got hold of me and I shouted, ‘In the Name of the Lord Jesus I command you to leave this house!’

‘Without another word they both took to their heels and I have never seen or heard of them from that day to this. What a blessing I didn’t put the money in the drawer! Whoever would have thought of looking for money under a cushion on that old couch! Praise the Lord!’


From: Harold Horton, The Gifts of the Spirit, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield, Missouri, USA, 1975, pages 64-65