Our little girl Myrtie was recently taken with a severe cold and sore throat and had every symptom of scarlet fever. She knows the Lord, having been saved three years ago and has received the baptism with the Holy Ghost and speaks in tongues.

During a season of prayer on Tuesday evening, Dec. 18th, all the family, papa, mamma, Herman, and four-year-old Ruth laid our hands on her head and each one prayed for her healing. A wonderful spirit of song came upon us. The Spirit sang the songs of Zion through our lips. During this season of song, my little girl sat on a chair with her eyes closed; and when the song stopped, she said, "O papa, I have seen Jesus." And then she told the following vision:

"I came to a city of many streets. There seemed to be a division in the city, there was a narrow street that separated. On one side the streets were clean and paved and the buildings were of marble and strong, and there was a car there with the words on the front, TO ZION. On the side of the car was TO THE BEAUTIFUL CITY OF GOD. On the dirty street was a dirty car, and on the front was TO HELL. On the side was GOING DOWN.

"After I got on the clean car, I went to the conductor and asked him if I could go over to the unclean car, and the car was stopped and I went across with others, and we took five apiece off from Satan's car. And when they came across the line from the unclean street to the clean, their garments and faces became clean. And when we came to the white car, the car expanded itself to make room for all that came.

"I saw the car the devil was on, go down into a dark abyss. Then our car stopped and we all went over to where this car disappeared. Jesus spoke and a great grate of iron came and then a great stone, and stopped up the mouth of the abyss so that Satan could come out no more.

"As the car went on, I saw that everything was beautiful. The mists rolled away. Beautiful flowers appeared.

"When we arrived at the beautiful city of God, there were lovely homes given to us. And after we were there long enough to get adjusted, we went to visit the Palace of the King. I saw Jesus on a throne made of diamonds and pearls. He was dressed in shining raiment, sparkling in every color.

"A beautiful Christmas feast was spread on tables. The cloth on the tables and the food was beautiful. The walls of the room and the carpet on the floor shone with beautiful colors. I looked in a mirror and saw I was clad like the angels. I saw my father and mother and brother and sister coming in, and their clothes were transformed like the rest. The molding around the room was decorated with holly, most beautiful to behold. Jesus called attention to me and said, 'Do you see that little girl down there?' Their eyes seemed to look clear through me. Then he said, 'This girl was very sick and had faith and I healed her.' And all the host sang a most beautiful song of praise. Then Jesus took us and showed us all around. When we came out, He had a beautiful chariot ready to take us all back to earth."


-E.K. Fisher, Glendale, Cal.


Lock Box 145. (Bro. Fisher is one of the pastors of Pentecostal Missions in Los Angeles, at 327 1/2 S. Spring St.)


From: The Apostolic Faith, Vol. I N. 5, Los Angeles, Cal. January 1907