Caucasus: Small boy found through dream



Alim's house group was growing steadily. His house stands on the high banks of the Tscherek river in a previously almost completely Muslim area. Because an ever growing number of people were interested in the gospel, and alarmed by the neighbours that people were always going in and out of the house, Islamic teachers and the village elders came to Alim to threaten him with the local Mafia and expulsion from the village if the 'sectarian activity' did not stop immediately. One day, one of the aunts went to the family's potato field with six-year-old Machmud, where the awful thing happened: the boy got lost in the rocky canyon and was not to be found. All of the villager's attempts to find him failed; the area, according to the report, has many torrential mountain streams, vertiginous cliffs, bears, wolves, lynx, snakes and eagles. Then, the youngest of the family's three sisters, at the bottom of the social scale because she is deaf and dumb, had a dream in which Jesus appeared to her, saying "Your cousin is safe in my hand! I will protect him, and nothing may harm him. He is sleeping under a roof of stone." The following day, the boy was found in a cave. He told his rescuers "I suddenly saw my kindergarten friends on a field at the bottom of the cliff I was standing on. They wanted me to jump down to them, but I couldn't - something held me back." The family is convinced that Jesus saved their child. The amazing events were reported in the local newspaper, and soon became the talk of the village.


Source: Licht im Osten (Light in the East), fax +49-711-8399084