Among the Zulus



Archibald H. Cooper, who has been identified with the Pentecostal work in South Africa from the early days, a few years ago held some tent services in Durban. Six or seven Zulus came to this meeting. One of the Zulus said to him: ‘Some months ago I was praying for God to reveal Himself and show me what I should be and do. As I continued in prayer, waiting for a revelation from God, He gave me a vision. In the vision I saw a man, and heard God say: ‘That man I am sending to you. He will teach you the way. Listen to him. He will be your spiritual father and counselor’. So I waited for months and months for that man to come. When I entered this tent the other night, I knew I had seen you before. I was puzzled. I tried to think where I had seen you. Suddenly it flashed to me, ‘This is the man you saw in the vision’.


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, pages 159-160