A walk with the angels



It was a beautiful spring day in May of 1991.

I had been feeling so wonderful because I had received JESUS CHRIST as my LORD and SAVIOR on April 21st. HE washed away ALL my sins. The whole world seemed sweeter and lighter now. I had a past that was full of pain and nightmares.

But now...life was wonderful! I knew my life was going to get better and more wonderful with every passing day.

I had no idea that this day was one that I would remember for Eternity! I had decided that since it was so beautiful outside that I would go for a walk. My two little girls, Christina and Marcia were in school. So I put on a light jacket and headed out the door. I grabbed my little walk-man tape player so I could have some up-lifting music to listen to as I walked and enjoyed the beautiful day.

As I walked, I noticed how beautiful all the trees and flowers were. I am blessed that where I live, the neighborhood has such nice foliage growing all around. I could see the LORD in everything that grew all around me as if, for the first time I was seeing these things! I stopped to examine some of the leaves on a plant and could see a cross or a star in everyone of them. This excited me and filled me with such Joy!

I continued on my walk and began to feel a Peace and Joy that was SUPERNATURALLY given from above. It was incredible! I was being enveloped by this wonderful warm sensation.

I closed my eyes so I could enjoy it more as I continued to walk. Not even thinking That I was walking down the street blind in the natural sense. Some places along the walk have no sidewalks so I was at the edge of the street. I had no concern about it at the time.

I continued to bask in this Glory I was feeling. It was so Peaceful and refreshing. As I was walking, I became aware that there was someone suddenly at my side, one to my left and one to my right.

Still walking with my eyes closed, I was allowed by the GRACE of GOD to see my visitors. There, walking beside me were two of the most BEAUTIFUL Creatures I have ever seen! I would say they were about 8 feet tall.

The one on my right had dark hair while the one on my left had strawberry blonde hair. Their skin was more beautiful then any woman and the glow that emanated from them told me who they were. Their faces were the most beautiful I have ever seen!! Their shoulders were very, very broad. They had wings that I heard SWISH as they came up beside me. Their wings were high above their heads and curved down gracefully to their feet.

They smiled a most beautiful and Joyful smile as they each nodded at me! I was so elated that I felt if I smiled any harder my face would crack in half! Talk about being "Full of Joy"!

I put out both of my hands in order to hold each of their hands, I wanted all I could get out of this experience!! I walked this way, all the way down the street feeling as if I was floating on air...never once opening my eyes to see where I was in the natural. I didn't care! I knew I was in BLESSED HANDS!

I would estimate that the entire walk with the Angels of the LORD was about 20 minutes long. Near the end of the walk, I felt impressed to open my eyes for a quick second to see what I could see.

What I saw was the top of the trees on my street! Then I quickly squeezed my eyes shut! I could see all that was going on around me. Since I was enjoying myself so, I had not noticed a few things.

Later I remembered that as I walked with the Angels, there had come by a couple of cars and I could see them and the expression on the drivers faces as they looked puzzled to see me walking with my hands outstretched and eyes closed! What was I doing, I am sure they thought!

But.... they could not see the Angels beside me. When it was over, I was in front of my house on the sidewalk.

This was so very intense and vivid an experience that I will never, ever forget it!

GOD Loves us so much that HE Blesses us in ways that we could not even imagine until HIS plans unfold. HE is a great and loving Creator. Believe for GOD'S best because HE wants to give it to you!


Joyfully told by Toni Sweikert.....

A grateful servant of a LOVING CREATOR!