We meet many honest souls these days who are under the delusion that they have committed the unpardonable sin. The following incident should be an encouragement to such.


A child of God was attacked by the enemy with the suggestion that she was forsaken of God and had committed the unpardonable sin. She was then on a mission field in the South, separated from other Christian workers; and without any apparent cause, the arch enemy who tempted our Savior told her that God hated her. The words, "God hates you" seemed to be continually shouted in her ears and she could not get away from it. She lost her faith and believed the enemy, was knowing his power. The next suggestion was, "Drown yourself in the river." She stood looking into the dark water, but the thought of her dear mother made her turn away.

She returned to her room, and throwing herself down, fell asleep and dreamed. She seemed to be on a boat on which all the people but herself were rejoicing and praising God. She heard the captain call out to the pilot, "Sound the depths and compare it with the love of God." The depths were sounded and the call came back "No bottom! No bottom!" She awoke in an ocean of God's love, all darkness past and the cry ringing in her ears, "No bottom!" For years since then she has been in Gospel work on both sides of the ocean.


From: The Apostolic Faith, Vol. I n. 1, Los Angeles, Cal. September, 1906