In 1921 Jock Troup saw a vision of a man at Fraserburgh calling on God to send the evangelist to that town. On the strength of this, Troup left the work he was doing at Yarmouth and went to Fraserburgh. Soon after he arrived he went to the town square where a crowd gathered and he started to preach. Because of the intense cold Jock Troup suggested they find a church in which they could continue the meeting. Being a stranger in the town he had no idea where the churches were and the crowd suggested the Baptist Church. They arrived at the church to be met by the minister and his elders, who had just concluded a special meeting at which it had been decided to send an invitation to Jock Troup to come and conduct an evangelistic mission. Amongst the group of elders Jock recognized the face of the man in his vision! Fraserburg was the scene of some of the greatest work of God under the preaching of Jock Troup.


From: Brian H. Edwards, Revival!, Evangelical Press, Printed in Great Britain, Fifth Impression 1997, page 211