A Jewish girl restored to life -- family converted



Some years ago, a little Jewish girl in Russia learned large portions of the New Testament from a boy who had committed them to memory. One day, upon the arrival of her father, after an absence, she ran to meet him, and said, "I do love Jesus; He loved little children." This angered the father, and he forbade her to speak on the subject again. Soon the child was stricken with scarlet fever, and the medical attendant gave no hope for her recovery. A gentile woman was called to nurse the child, as the Jews feared the fever. The woman quoted the verse of a hymn; and the father of little Deborah offered the deathbed prayer of the Jews. Then the child opened her eyes and repeated accurately the story of Jairus' daughter. When she finished her head fell back, and to all appearance she was gone. In an agony of mind the father fell down at the feet of Jesus and besought him, saying, "O Jesus, thou who didst raise up the daughter of Jairus, raise up little Deborah, and I will believe in thee as Israel's Messiah." That cry of agony was heard, and the child rose from her couch of death, and the Jewish family was converted to Christianity. -- The Illustrator