Raised from the dead



Miss Eula Wilson, a girl of fifteen in Wichita, Kans, had been given up to die by the doctors. She seemed to die and was laid out for burial. Hours afterward she suddenly raised up and said, "O Mamma I have been in heaven and Jesus has healed me and told me to eat, drink, and walk" She was completely healed and has not been sick at all since.

She says she was taken to heaven in cloud accompanied by two angels and her brother who had died two years before. Heaven, she said, was sparkling with indescribable beauty and glory. She met Jesus, who bade her enter through the gate of pearl, saying, "Peace, peace." He led her and her brother to a most beautiful stream of water sparkling like myriads of diamonds. She was not able to see across the stream nor to the heights of the city. She saw an innumerable company, a large proportion of whom were infants and little children, and recognized many relatives but was disappointed at not seeing some who had died as it was supposed in the triumphs of the Christian faith.

She says, "Everybody looked so beautiful and natural, except a glorious and heavenly light in their eyes and on their faces. They were all dressed alike wearing white robes, without any yoke and with loose flowing sleeves and were all barefooted, with a halo of glory encircling their heads. There was no earth, but all was pure gold, yet much more beautiful than our gold, and seeming transparent." The light of heaven was glorious and came from the throne of God. Near the stream of water were leafless trees, yet filled with luscious fruit having neither pit nor peeling, but beautiful like the surroundings. When plucked off, it immediately grew again. The people drank of the stream and ate of the fruit, but Jesus told Eula not to eat or drink but to return to earth again, warn the people of their sins, and tell them of this beautiful place and that He was coming soon, for them to be ready.

She did not want to come back, fearing that she would have to endue the same suffering, but Jesus said to her, "I will heal you so that you will not have to suffer any more, and I will give you strength." In fulfilment of this promise, she has been able to speak to large audiences and is gaining in strength every day. The physicians cannot account for it. She had been sick for seven months and had had a long death struggle. The doctors agree that she was totally blind in one eye which was sunken and turned backward in the socket, but she is now perfectly restored, including her eyesight. This account is given by the "Nazarene Messenger," having been carefully compiled from witnesses and press reports which all establish the evidence. This is simply another witness to us that the Lord is showing signs and wonders in these last days, as a loud call to His people to prepare for His coming.


From: The Apostolic Faith, Vol. I N. 9, Los Angeles, Cal. June to September 1907