‘In the name of Jesus I rebuke this death’



A dead woman raised from the dead by Smith Wigglesworth in the name of Jesus Christ


I remember one day that I was asked to visit a woman who was dying. When I got into the room where the woman was, I saw that there was no hope as far as human aid was concerned: she was suffering from a tumor and it had sapped her life away. As I looked at her, I knew that there was no possibility of help except the Lord would work a miracle. Thank God I knew He was able. I said to the woman: ‘I know you are very weak, but if you wish to be healed and cannot lift your arm, or raise it at all, it might be possible that you could raise your finger’. Her hand lay upon the bed, but she lifted her finger just a little.

I said to my friend: ‘We will pray with her and anoint her’. After we had anointed her, her chin dropped. My friend said: ‘She is dead’. I looked into her face and said: ‘In the name of Jesus I rebuke this death’. From the crown of her head to the sole of her feet her whole body began to tremble. ‘In the name of Jesus, I command you to walk’, I said. I repeated: ‘In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, walk!’ and she walked.

My friend went out and told the people that he had seen a woman raised from the dead. The woman’s doctor heard of it and went to see her. He said: ‘I have heard from Mr. Fisher, the elder, that you have been brought back to life, and I want you to tell me if that is so’. When she affirmed it he asked: ‘Dare you give your testimony at a certain hall if I take you in my car?’ ‘I will go anywhere to give it’, was her willing reply. She came to the hall looking very white, but there was a lovely brightness on her face. She was dressed in white, and I thought how beautiful she looked.

This is what she said: ‘For many months I have been going down to death, but now I want to live for my children. I came to the place where it seemed there was no hope. I remember that a man came to pray with me and said: ‘If you cannot speak, or cannot lift up your hands, if you want to live, move one of your fingers’. I remember moving my finger, but from that moment I knew nothing else until I was in the Glory. I feel I must try to tell you what the Glory was like. I saw countless numbers of people; and oh, the joy and the singing! It was lovely, but the face of Jesus lit up everything. Just when I was having a beautiful time the Lord suddenly pointed to me without speaking, and I knew I had to go. The next moment I heard a man say: ‘Walk, walk in the name of Jesus!’ If the doctor is here, I should like to hear what he has to say’.

The doctor arose and tried to speak, but he could not at first. His lips quivered and his eyes looked like a fountain of water. At last he said that for months he had been praying. He felt that there was no more hope, and he had told them at the house that the woman would not live much longer. In fact, it was only a matter of days. He acknowledged that a miracle had been wrought through the name of Jesus. That doctor wrote to a friend of his and said: ‘If you ever get a chance to hear Wigglesworth, you must certainly do so; hundreds of people have been healed in this place’.


From: Stanley Howard Frodsham, Smith Wigglesworth: apostle of faith, Assemblies of God Publishing House, Nottingham, 1974, pages 37-38