‘Your Jesus has come!’



One day, one of the believers’ four-year-old son drowned in a river. The brethren recovered the body and laid it in the middle room of his house. Then they all knelt down and prayed with authority.

‘Jesus, save this child! We have seen you heal so many sick people and we deeply believe you can bring this dead child back to life’.

They did not have much understanding of the Word of God but they simply trusted in the miraculous power of the Lord. They cried out to the Lord on their knees.

Suddenly, a witch who lived nearby shrieked: ‘Your Jesus has come! Quickly, come and see!’

The roomful of believers immediately opened wide their eyes and saw the child sitting up, but they did not see Jesus.

Then the witch said to them: ‘When you shouted loudly ‘Jesus,’ a man whose whole body shone brightly, dressed in light, with a face of great love came in. He placed his hand on the child’s head, and the child got up.

‘Your Jesus is truly amazing. He is in fact the true God, the living God. From today I renounce my previous beliefs and I now believe in your Jesus’.

She then asked several brothers and sisters to go with her to her house to destroy her idols, incense altar and all the artifacts used in her superstitious worship.


Happened in China


From: Danyun, Lilies amongst thorns, Sovereign World Ltd. England, 1991, pages 305-306