The German Pastors who visited us at Sunderland, and also at the London Conference the week before, told us how wonderfully God has recently worked in a Rhine-land Town. The Lord wonderfully raised up an earnest young woman from the dead. Her pulse and breath had ceased for four hours. This sister is well known in the Pentecostal circles of her town. The Lord’s people who read this account must very specially pray whilst reading that she may be kept under the precious Blood and at the feet of the Lord. He can keep her, though we know how those who are brought into prominence need the prayers of the children of God for many reasons. But we believe the story will strengthen the faith of many. We have a wonderful God, and nothing is too hard for our Lord. Since being raised from the dead, the presence of this sister in the prayer meetings has brought a wonderful power. One at least has been mightily blessed, and spoken for the first time in Tongues because of the power of God manifested by her very presence. …

There was a sister at -------- who became very sick in her lungs, but she was healed by the Lord. Now she had a mighty voice to sing and worship in Tongues. A short time ago she had a heavy sickness. One day at nine she died. Her relatives were present. They saw that she breathed her last breath. A brother whom the Lord had blessed very much could not bear this. He prayed that the Lord might raise her up again. Some of her friends said, “Stop praying,” but he could not. Brother Humburg tried her pulse and listened for her breath, but she was “done.” Then they prayed, but it was as if there was a hindering power in the room, all was dark spiritually. An elderly lady said, “Stop praying, we must prepare for burial.” Her chin had already fallen, and she tied it up with a napkin. But suddenly it was as if heaven had opened, a great joy fell upon them all, and Brother Humburg then commanded death to depart, and stood there filled with power. A second time he commanded death to depart, “In the name of Jesus.” She now began to breathe. She opened her mouth, and the very first word that came from her lips was JESUS. Then she began to praise and to prophesy. She said in solemn tones, “Jesus has taken away the power of death.” The power and presence of the Lord was so great that they all fell to the floor and Brother Humburg sang in Tongues for the first time, after many months of waiting.

Pastor Paul saw her on his way to England. She was well and glad and strong. This is her testimony. She was lying there with the consciousness that she was delivering up her last breath. She felt her soul leaving her body. She went out to another place--a great


“I can rest here continually.” she thought. But after a while the Lord Jesus Himself appeared to her in glory. He drew near and He breathed upon her. A wonderful power fell upon her, and a wonderful heavenly atmosphere, and in the power of that breath she returned to the body, and of course, the first word was


Hallelujah! She has returned to be a blessing to many.”


From: Confidence, Vol. III, No. 6, June 1910, pag. 123, 124, Sunderland, England





In the June number of “Confidence” a brief account was given of the raising of a Sister from the dead, which occurred in Mülheim-Ruhr, Germany, on the Tuesday after Easter, 1910.  A more detailed account from the pen of Pastor Humburg, of Mülheim appeared in the Pentecostal paper, “Pfingstgrusse.” for June 26th, edited by Pastor Regehly. Breslau. The following is a translation made by Brother Arthur BoothClibborn.


In June, last year, our Sister W. was wonderfully healed of tubercular consumption of the lungs, and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, with the scriptural sign of Tongues. The great power of voice with which she sang in Tongues showed that the Lord had done a complete work in her body, as well as in her spirit. However, on Good Friday, a hitherto unknown power fell suddenly upon her. She felt it to be the power of death which was seeking to obtain the mastery of her body, and noticed how it commenced at the feet, and how the lifelessness proceeded upwards. Darkness and great fear overcame her. She noticed that her faith to withstand these powers had not increased. The Lord showed her that this was a case of the wrestling against the powers of darkness described in Eph. vi. She distinctly felt as if a cold hand had touched her heart and sought to grasp it and make it stand still. Some brethren and sisters hastened to her help in prayer. Suddenly, before their fervent, persevering supplications, the powers of darkness gave way, and Jesus became visible to one sister in a wonderful light, and said to her, “My child, trust Me, I have given thee strength.” All of us who were present with her realized the blessed presence of the Lord, and soon there rose up to the Lord much praise and thanksgiving, also “in other tongues,” with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs. Then we all went home late at night, powerfully quickened by the Lord. The two Easter days were spent by our sister in stillness, and in the power of the Lord, but with an ever-increasing longing to be soon at home with Him, and behold Him face to face. On Tuesday, the third Easter day, came the removal of the family to another house. In the evening she went early to bed in her new home. She had hardly laid down when she noticed that something wonderful commenced to take place within her. She describes it thus:-- “Lying quite still, looking up to the Lord, all the events of my life began to pass rapidly, as in a dream, before my inward view, and I realized how blessed and holy it was to know that all my sins had been forgiven, and that He had loosed me from everything of earth. After a ‘‘Hallelujah,” I received the distinct consciousness that now my spirit would depart from the body. I felt some throbbings of the heart, then convulsive movements in the neighbourhood of the heart, and then it stood still. I distinctly noticed how the last breath left my life, and how my spirit left my body to ascend to its Lord. Blessedly happy and ravished was my soul before Him, my beloved Lord, and it was now as if I lived on by the breath of His mouth. Ever fresh streams of life and power went out from Him, and I was permitted to receive them into myself, and was thus received into His life.”

Our Brother, Emil Humburg, continues the narrative thus:-- While Sister W. was thus with the Lord, a brother and four sisters remained in fervent prayer before the Lord. Before 11 o’clock at night two sisters came to fetch me. Before they left to come, my mother-in-law (who lives in the same house), who had seen all the signs of death upon Sister W., said to them: “Children, it is useless, you can see it is all over,” for she thought that now that death had stepped in, there was nothing more to be done. Notwithstanding this, the others cried all the more to the Lord. When I arrived with the sisters at the bedside of the deceased, I took her left hand from the chest where it lay, and it fell down lifelessly at the side. I felt for the pulse, there was none. There was also no breath, the lower jaw hung down, and the body was cold. Then we prayed on fervently, each independently, but the heavens seemed as brass, and shut up. We said to the Lord: “Thou hast conquered even death!” and realised that looking into it was according to Heb., xii., 2, we might count upon His power. Suddenly the heavens opened above us, and there was given to us great joy in believing. While we continued thus, each for himself or herself, praying fervently and praising God for this joy in believing, I received the inward summons to command death to give way. I did so, though tremblingly, but hardly had I spoken than there fell upon me a power of doubt such as I have never yet experienced. However, the Lord showed me at once that this came from the enemy. Then I uttered a second time the command, “In the Name of Jesus, death, let go!” and behold, at the same instant Sister W. breathed deeply, and said with this first returning breath, “Jesus, Hallelujah!” Overcome by the power and presence of God, we all sank down and praised Him long into the night. After the “Hallelujah,” Sister W. commenced to worship God in New Tongues. The first words of “Prophecy” which came from her lips were these, “Rejoice and exult, for I have done great things; go and proclaim what you have seen and experienced, I have taken away the power of death.”

Never have I felt the power of the presence of the Lord in so humbling and yet at the same time so uplifting and overpowering a degree. Sister W. had remained thus 2½ hours* with the Lord, in this ’’fallen asleep” condition. It is also very characteristic that thus “present with the Lord” and at rest, she suddenly noticed that the Lord breathed upon her powerfully and in a special way, and thus, giving her a new life, caused her spirit to be re-united with her body for further life on earth for Him. This return to life could also take place only when the Lord had given us all full faith in its possibility, and we acted in accordance therewith. Sister W. said, “May this which the Lord in His great grace has done unto me, serve this purpose--that He shall be honoured and glorified, and may He be able to give all the confidence of faith, that He can do everything and that all things are possible to them that believe.” May we all permit Him to give us hunger and thirst for His glory, and to be led of Him alone, and thus honour Him in worship and service and in burning love, winning souls for the Lamb. Hallelujah!

The circumstance is also remarkable that, already a month before this wonderful experience, the Lord had prepared us for it, having suddenly, in a prayer-meeting where about 1,000 were present, given this message through a sanctified sister: ”My servants will, before long, raise the dead.” As this message came, there fell upon me a sort of holy horror, whereupon I foolishly groaned within myself: “Then, O Lord, permit that I may not be present.” Yet now our hearts are filled with praise and thanksgiving, and with a much greater assurance of faith in our blessed Lord. His beloved Name--Jesus the Christ, is becoming daily more great and “transfigured.” To cling to Him in a perfected faith, with Him to love, to live, and to suffer, shall be our only desire, till we shall see Him face to face. Hallelujah, glory to the Lamb!



Mülheim -Ruhr.


P.S.-- This “sign” has become known in the whole neighbourhood, and has brought much serious reflection to many. I think we shall shortly see and experience greater things than this. A Clergyman friend from England writes:-- “I was in Sister W.’s company at Mülheim, . . She is about 22 years of age, very fair, sweet disposition. She loves her Lord. She told me how the Lord breathed upon her. He was all glorious brightness; too light to look upon or to distinguish any feature.”


* In the account given in the June number of “Confidence” 4 hours was mentioned, but the above must be the correct time.


From: Confidence, Vol. III, No. 7, July 1910, pag. 158-160, Sunderland, England