Incident happened in Chile


In the year 1912 or 1913 a North American lady who lived in Vina del Mar engaged our Sister Corina Schaap to care for her in confinement. After the birth the lady had fever, and it became necessary to maintain the child with artificial blood. The child got on well for a short time, but later was taken sick with severe intestinal catarrh. It went from bad to worse in spite of all the doctor’s efforts. It used as many as thirty cloths daily and was unable to take the bottle, or even cry. One morning while the doctor was there Corina asked: ‘What do you think, doctor?’ ‘There is no longer any life’, he answered.

About eight o’clock the baby died. Sister Corina now continues the story: ‘With a strangeness I cannot explain I went to wash the diapers. But why should I when the baby was dead? Blanca (the servant girl) went to tell the mother and telephone the doctor. Then she brought clothes and water to wash the baby. But I kept on washing and praying at the same time, rather complaining to the Lord: ‘Lord, I have been telling this lady about Thee. I have said that Thou answerest prayer – that what we ask we receive. How can I go and tell her that the baby is dead? Couldst not Thou, O Lord?’ Couldst not Thou, O Lord?’

Blanca came and knelt near me, praying also, and I, washing and praying. About eleven o’clock we started to wash and dress the baby. When we went to take her up we saw her with her great eyes wide open, the little rosy face covered with perspiration, moving her little hands as a baby of a few weeks is wont to do. What joy and excitement there was. There was such a stir that the mother called from the next room, wanting to know what it was all about. We prepared a bottle and she took it all, when for so many days she had not been able to take anything. From that moment she was well. Blanca called the doctor and on seeing the baby he cried: ‘This is a veritable miracle of God. Her life was gone, and now she is not even sick!’ The mother tried to make out that the baby was only sleeping, but the doctor said: ‘But Madam, the child had no life. It is a miracle’. Some days later I was out airing the baby in its carriage. The doctor came along and said: ‘It is a miracle!’


From: Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, pages 184-185