Incident happened in South Africa


Brother (Archibald H.) Cooper vouches for the testimony of Mrs. Ivor Stevens, of Bloemfontein, who was raised form the dead on August 29, 1919. Sister Stevens testifies that after she passed over the river of death, she was escorted by an angel to heaven. But she was first given a sight of hell. She says: ‘Words fail me as I recall the horror and awfulness of it, and the anguish of the countless thousands which it engulfed. Then I was allowed to enter heaven; and oh, the brightness and splendor and glory of the place … I at last arrived at a place where I beheld the Lord Jesus, who was surrounded by thousands and thousands of angels. Putting up His hand He kindly and tenderly said to me: ‘Go back and work in My Vineyard’. He then showed me a multitude of people who are still in darkness’.


Stanley H. Frodsham, With Signs Following, Gospel Publishing House, Springfield Missouri, 1946, page 161