“There was a young man endeavouring to subdue a young horse; and a rope at one end of it was fastned about the horses neck, but the horse running with great speed, the other end of the rope caught the foot of this young man, as in a snare, and was so entangled therein, that he was drawn ten rods upon his back in a very rough and uneven place of land, he being unable to free himself, and none at hand that could help him; and thus it being come to this extremity, the horse of himself stood still so long, and no longer time, than that the young man did clear his foot out of the rope; and thus was delivered out of the danger, and suffered not a broken bone, nor any considerable bruise or harm.

"There was another young man, who sat upon a plough-beam, and suddenly his cattle moving, his plough turned, and one of his legs were entangled within the plough, and the plough irons pressing hard against some part of his body, but could not free himself; and the more he called to the cattle the more speedily they moved, and thus was in danger of being torn in pieces; but in this extremity it was not long before the cattle of themselves stood still.

“There was another young man, who did fall about ten foot from some part of the mill timber into deep waters, and a place of many rocks, a stream very violent, and he was carried about eleven rod down the stream, where there was a great piece of ice; and while he was in this confounded and amazed posture, his hand was guided to take hold of that ice, and there to hold, until one who saw him fall, did adventure upon that ice, and drew him out of the waters, and thus they were both delivered.

"There was a very aged man among us, who, riding in his cart over a river; and when the cattle were coming out of the river, he endeavoured to come out of the cart; but he did fall down so nigh to the wheel, that it began to press hard against his breast; and he only speaking to the cattle, they stood still, and ceased moving till he was removed out of the danger, otherwise, if they had moved a few inches more, he had been prest to death."


From: A History of God’s Remarkable Providences in Colonial New England by Increase Mather, pag. 258-260, 1997, Back Home Industries,  Milwaukie, OR, USA.