At a time when Grynaeus, Melancthon, and several other learned men, were discoursing together at an house, in Spyres, there came a man of very grave and goodly countenance into the house, desiring to speak with Melancthon; who going forth to him, he told him that within one hour some officers would be at that house to apprehend Grynaeus, and therefore required Melancthon to advise Grynaeus to flee out of that city; and having so spoken, he vanished out of sight. Melancthon, returning into the room, recounted the words of this strange monitor; whereupon Grynaeus instantly departed; and he had no sooner boated himself upon the Rhine, but officers came to lay hold of him. This story is mentioned by Melancthon in his commentary upon Daniel. And he concludeth that the man who had appeared to him was indeed an angel, sent in order to Grynaeus his being delivered from the bloody hands of them that sought his life.


From: A History of Godís Remarkable Providences in Colonial New England by Increase Mather, pag. 145, 1997, Back Home Industries,Milwaukie, OR, USA