While the robber listened



The evangelist Charles Inglis records the following story told by a lady in a prayer meeting: "Some years ago my husband was traveling in Europe, and I was left alone with my maids in a large, lonely house in a Western State. One evening, after our usual reading and prayer, we retired to our several rooms. As I entered my room, I happened to look into a mirror at the opposite side of the room, and was horrified to see the reflection of a man crouching behind my wardrobe. I was tempted to cry aloud for help, but knew it would be useless, and determined to put the faith in God about which we had been reading to the test.

I walked as courageously as possible, though trembling in every limb, across the floor, took my Bible from the table, and sank into a chair. I began reading aloud the fifty-third chapter of Isaiah. I then kneeled and prayed aloud, telling God how we were unprotected women, and imploring Him to protect us from thieves and robbers and all evil persons. I had barely risen and sunk once more into the seat, when a hand was laid on my shoulder and a voice said: 'Do not cry out or be frightened, for you are perfectly safe. I came here to rob this house, but that chapter is one I used to hear my mother read, and your prayer reminded me of the prayers she offered. I am going now. You need fear nothing.'" -- The Dawn