I realized that he was a heavenly being sent for my protection



While we were holding a revival in Africa for Miss F. Grace Allen, one of our old, dependable missionaries, she told the following. She had traveled a long distance on horseback and had started home when it began to grow dark. She had many miles to go and must cross a stream of water six times. Her life was in danger from superstitious natives who sometimes kill a white person that they may have his liver for medicine.

At best she would be far into the night getting home. Though very brave and accustomed to the country, she suddenly became afraid. Added to this, her horse balked and absolutely refused to go downhill. She tried every means to get him started, but no -- he would not go. When the horse was in a good humor she could never hurry him. His gait was slower than that of a man. Now he had stopped entirely. There she sat in the darkness.

Sister Allen says, "In that situation I began to sing How Firm a Foundation, and instantly I realized that someone was with me. I could see him --a man -- a tall soldier -- so tall he was as high as my head though I was seated on the horse. All fear left! I realized that he was a heavenly being sent for my protection. I leaned my head over toward him.

"Instantly my horse began to walk, then did something he was not accustomed to doing. He paced rapidly and kept it up all the way until he brought me to our gate."


From: INCIDENTS IN TRAVEL AND SOUL WINNING By Rev. E. E. Shelhamer and Wife, God's Bible School Cincinnati, Ohio 1934