The Chinese doctor's prayer reversed the wind



In the interior of China lived a Christian native doctor by the name of Leh. He lived in a section of that great nation where there was no provision for fire fighting. Consequently, when a fire broke out the natives called upon their idols and often carried them out into the streets, and there prayed to them in full sight of the fire.

One day a fire broke out in the doctor's native village. The houses were being swept with flames; and as the raging tornado of fire crept closer and closer to the doctor's home, he saw his unconverted neighbors as they were clamoring and knocking their heads before the idols in vain.

Suddenly the wind blew the flames in such a manner that the doctor's home could not escape the fire unless a miracle occurred.

As the doctor watched the heathen pray, he stepped out into the street just before his house and knelt down and asked God to deliver and protect his house.

Cried the heathen: "What are you doing here? We have cried to our gods and, if they can't help us, do you suppose that the foreigner's God can do anything to save us?"

But the doctor depended upon the God of the Christians, who had redeemed him from his iniquities; and, while Dr. Leh was praying, the impossible happened. A sudden change in the wind's direction blew the flames aside just at the instant when they would have consumed his house.


From: ANSWERED PRAYER IN MISSIONARY SERVICE By Basil William Miller, Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri. First Printing, April 1951 Second Printing, July 1951 Printed in United States of America