A miraculous escape in answer to prayer



A story is told of the mother of Dr. Tucker, an eminent founder of evangelical missions a generation ago in Brazil, under the Southern Methodist church.

She was busy with her work in the kitchen on a certain forenoon when seized with a powerful impression in which the Holy Spirit seemed to say, "Pray for your son." Responsive to the call, she left her work and went immediately into her bedroom and wrestled in prayer till she touched God and felt a sense of victory.

On comparing notes later she learned that her son was surrounded by a murderous mob of fanatics at the moment she was led to pray. It seemed to him that death was sure, but in the midst of their fury some strange power got hold of the mob and they went backward and fell away as by a miracle.


From: ANSWERED PRAYER IN MISSIONARY SERVICE By Basil William Miller, Beacon Hill Press, Kansas City, Missouri. First Printing, April 1951 Second Printing, July 1951 Printed in United States of America