Strange actions



A man, with whom the Lord had been dealing, was working on the road. It was lunch time and the man sat under a great rock, by the roadside, eating his lunch. While sitting there a strange thing took place. A pigeon lighted upon his shoulder and then flew away some yards and lit in the road. Soon it came and repeated this strange action. The third time the man arose and went out where the pigeon was, to see if he could discover anything. The pigeon flew away and he never saw it again. But while he was examining the place in the road where the pigeon had been, he heard a terrible crash. He looked back and the great rock had fallen just where he had been sitting. Had he remained he would have been crushed to death. The man wept and said, "My Lord, if God is that anxious to save me I had better surrender to Him." And he did. God is doing His best to keep us out of hell.


From: EFFECTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS By William Moses Tidwell, Printed in U.S.A. 1943, Beacon Hill Press Kansas City, Mo.