Saved from a tiger



One night a big, hungry tiger caught a woman in the woods by her house. He threw her down to the ground and was going to have a feast. She could feel his hot breath in her face.

Something seemed to tell her to sing. She began to sing hymns, as she was lying under the strong body of the great beast. This seemed to charm him. He did not go away, but he did not hurt her. He just stood over her and listened. But she did not dare to stop singing, or he might have eaten her up. She kept on singing till her husband returned home in the morning, for he had been off to work, and shot the fierce animal.

This woman believed her life had been saved because she sang praises to the Lord Jesus. She obeyed His voice when she felt that He told her to sing, and He caused the songs to save her life. How sweetly the Lord takes care of His children when they trust and obey Him.


From: EFFECTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS By William Moses Tidwell, Printed in U.S.A. 1943, Beacon Hill Press Kansas City, Mo.