We trust in the Lord



Up in Hamilton, Ontario, the workmen were trimming some trees. On a low hanging limb which was to be cut off, they found a bird's nest with young birds in it. The workmen were troubled. Some of them insisted that the limb must come down, while others pleaded that it be left until their next trip when the birds probably would be gone. After some discussion, the limb was left. Some months later when the tree trimmers came again and cut off the limb, and the nest was torn up, they noticed a little piece of paper, which had been woven into the nest. They examined it and found it had been taken from a Sunday school paper. On it were these words, "We trust in the Lord!" You see they just could not destroy this little home under conditions like this. This incident was sent to me by Rev. Leo Davis


Said the Robin to the Sparrow,

"I should surely like to know,

Why these anxious human beings

Rush about and worry so?"

Said the Sparrow to the Robin,

"Friend, I think that it must be,

That they have no heavenly Father,

Such as cares for you and me."


From: EFFECTIVE ILLUSTRATIONS By William Moses Tidwell, Printed in U.S.A. 1943, Beacon Hill Press Kansas City, Mo.