[An incident in this present War.—A. A. B.]


Many of us are familiar with the hymn—


I’ve seen the lightning flashing,

I’ve heard the thunder roll,

I’ve felt sin’s breakers crashing

Over against my soul.

I’ve heard the voice of my Saviour

Telling me still to fight on,

For He promised He never would leave me,

Never, no, never alone.


and its chorus—


No, never alone!

No, never alone!

He promised He never would leave me,

Never would leave me alone.—(Repeat.)


I heard a story from the lips of the Leader of a great Bible Class in Sunderland (Coun. Wm. Walker, of the “Homely Hour,” Ewesley Road). At a meeting in the country, at Small Heath (near Birmingham), a young man (a member of the class) was asked to sing a solo. Bro. Bates chose this hymn, and afterwards at a friend’s house another young fellow who had heard it had spoken about it, and he taught him the chorus. After enlisting, and getting out into the firing line, the young soldier was on sentry duty one very dark night. Utter depression fell upon him, an horrible dread of impending danger being upon him and weighed him down. Any moment a German shot might finish him, and he was almost in terror. Then he prayed for help from on high, and there came the refrain of this chorus running through him—


No, never alone! No, never alone!

He promised He never would leave thee,

Never would leave thee alone.


The fear and gloom began to pass, and soon he was filled with joy and spiritual exaltation, which remained with him. When he came off guard he told his comrades, and they said: “Why, man, you have been converted!” He wrote home to the man who had sung the solo, asking him to send out to him the whole hymn, as he could only remember the chorus, and he was anxious to sing it and teach it to his comrades who had learnt the chorus, and wanted more. So he sent out to the firing line the verses. Some of them are helpful indeed.


Danger and death were impending,

Judgment seemed dreadfully near;

Conscience and self were contending,

Making me tremble with fear.

Justice seemed ready to slay me;

Jesus gave ear to my groan,

Pardoned and cleansed, and received me,

Never to leave me alone.


Satan was always assaling,

Tempting without and within;

Oft o’er my weakness prevailing,

Bringing me captive to sin.

Then I appealed to my Saviour,

Begged Him to rule on the throne;

Welcomed Him in to possess me.

Never to leave me alone.


From: Confidence, Vol. VIII, No. 9, September 1915, pag. 169, Sunderland, England