A good clergyman was once sent to a wild and dangerous part of Australia on some errand of duty and mercy traveled up to the place too poor to be in any great from bush-rangers or robbers, but as he came back he had to bring in his saddle-bags a large sum of money not of his but belonging to the dying man he had been sent for to comfort.

He knew that a dangerous robber was aware that riding along this lonely track through the bush with all his about him, and when he got to one part of the road he felt so frightened that he thought he was not trusting God as a Christian should.

He wanted a little quiet, so he got off his horse and by it, with his eyes shaded against it, praying for faith courage not to be afraid of bush-rangers or robbers, and to guarded against them. He prayed till he felt calm enough ride on, and then he mounted his horse and reached the in safety with the money which he had in charge.

Some time later he was once more called to visit a man a sick bed, and he recognized him as the robber of whom had been so afraid in his ride. This man told him that he felt he could not die without confessing that on that day he had followed him, intending to rob and murder him, but could get no opportunity.

“Why did you not do it when I got off my horse?” asked the clergyman in surprise.

“I could not then,” said the bush-ranger; “there were too many of you.”

“What do you mean?” asked the clergyman. “I was quite alone in the bush, standing with my head resting against my horse’s side for a long time. You could have killed me then."

“You were not alone,” said the bush-ranger; “I saw you standing as you describe, but there was a man on each side there had been no other men with the clergyman in that hour of terror when he cried to God, but it is just possible that God really opened the robbers eyes and showed him his angels guarding his servant as he went on his dangerous duty, as Elisha’s servant’s eyes were opened to see guardians around his muster.

Whatever may be the explanation God did send his angels to frighten away the robber, and by so doing he saved him from a great crime as well as the good clergyman from death. – The Mission Worker.


“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”


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