Does God hear?



Gainesville, Georgia:  "Tornado Alley!"  Terrific tornadoes have sometimes swept through there, leaving death and destruction.

One of the worst storms tore a mile-wide path, eight miles long, leaving 227 dead in a few minutes.

During that storm, two small boys were in the care of a neighbor, Belle, while their parents were at work. At the sound of the tornado (it sounds like a freight train right overhead) Belle exclaimed, "I'm going to pray!" She dropped to her knees and began praying out loud.

Eddie, the seven-year-old boy, said "Belle, don't you know God can't hear you above all that racket?"

Belle only said, "Son, God hears everything" - and went right on praying.

That minute the wind over their house stopped. They looked cautiously out. Their wooden garage was smashed, but the house and the two boys and Belle were all safe.