Protection in Peru

by David Boyd



Julio*, a young lay evangelist, had been threatened by a terrorist group. "You must stop preaching," they said. "If you do not obey us, you will pay with your blood."

This terrorist group had taken control of the area where Julio walks from town to town to preach. They had closed the police outstations and governed the region by their own rules. Any individual or group that would not cooperate with them was in danger.

Julio ignored the threats and continued his usual rounds, preaching in the small mountain churches and encouraging the believers. Again the terrorists warned Julio, and again he disregarded the threats against his life. The terrorists were outraged. "Our vengeance will be complete. We asked for your cooperation, and you disobeyed us. Now we will make an example of you," they said.

A few days later Julio was ambushed and taken to the center of one of the larger towns in the area. A crowd gathered to witness the sentencing. The terrorists hoped that Julio's fate would put fear into the hearts of Christians and perhaps even result in closing some churches.

Julio was tied to a chair and carried to the middle of the square. Sticks of dynamite were tied to each of his arms and legs. The fuses were lit as Julio began singing praises to God. Other Christians joined him in praise, encouraging him with songs about heaven.

Then came the miracle! Suddenly there was a loud boom as the dynamite exploded. The terrorists thought nothing would be left of Julio. But when the smoke cleared, there sat Julio unharmed and still singing praises to God! The terrorists were shocked. They were so overcome by fear that they ran away. At the same time, all the Christians were saying, "It's a miracle of God!"

Julio left the square with the Christians. He continued his ministry in spite of persecution. He held firmly to the truth that Jesus gives strength to be courageous when needed.

For 20 years, believers in some areas of Peru have faced danger and persecution. Terrorists have killed several hundred pastors for preaching about Jesus. But during these difficult days, God has shown His power. In miraculous ways, He has protected His followers and reminded them that He is in control. Because of things like this, it is so important to pray for our missionaries. There is power in prayer!


* Not his real name.