On a stormy December night in Albertville, Alabama, the Driver family was settling in for a cozy family evening at home. About 7 p.m., Dad Tim was in the kitchen making popcorn with their sons Josh and Jake. Mom Sandy was in the den reading the newspaper, and daughter Katie was in her room playing with her dolls.

Suddenly Sandy heard a loud commotion, then a crash, followed by Katie's screams. She rushed to help Katie. "The sight I encountered will be etched in my memory for the rest of my life. My precious four-year-old daughter was under her massive three-hundred-pound solid oak antique chifforobe! I began screaming for Tim, who had not heard the noise."

Sandy knew Katie's body was probably crushed, but there was no time to wait for help. At 5 feet, 2 inches, 120 pounds, Sandy grabbed the heavy piece of furniture and slung it across the room. "I knew a Helping Hand from above was with me that night." By the time Tim and the boys arrived in Katie's room, mother and daughter were crying and shaking.

No one could believe that Sandy had moved the furniture alone.

Tim knelt beside Katie assuming she had severe internal injuries. The petite forty-pound girl had sustained the heavy weight of the furniture directly on her body. They tried to call an ambulance, but there was no dial tone! The storm had brought down the telephone lines.

"I knew Katie needed medical attention fast! Though we were afraid to move her, we had no choice. I prayed that God would watch over us, and I wrapped her in a small quilt while Tim went for the car."

Lightning flashed and wind threatened to knock the car from the road. Downed power lines and branches made travel difficult. The family saw several cars stranded in ditches along the way. Under normal conditions the county hospital was twenty minutes away; that night it took an hour. "I kept my head close to Katie's during the entire trip and could feel her steadily breathing," Sandy remembers.

Finally at the emergency room, the attendants rushed the family to an examining table where Sandy hysterically related the details of the accident. The elderly physician began a full examination of Katie, and amazingly found no scratches or bruises anywhere. He ordered a full-body X ray. During all the tests Katie was so peaceful her family was sure she was either paralyzed or suffering from a concussion.

The X ray results were marked "RUSH" and delivered to the radiologist. He motioned for the doctor to join him. In a whispered conference they studied the X rays. "Are you absolutely sure the piece of furniture fell directly on her?" Dr. Stone asked doubtfully as he returned to her bedside.

To everyone's surprise, Katie sat up. She answered quietly as her smile lit up the room. "It did fall right on top of me, Doctor. I was trying to climb to the top of it to get my new doll, when it just started falling. I was really scared, but it didn't smash me, because an angel was holding it until Mommy got there!"

With tears in their eyes, Sandy and Tim took Katie home, grateful to God for the miracle of protection they experienced that night.


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