Rescued by angels



This story is true, but the names of the people have been changed, and the country cannot be revealed due to sensitivity.


Several years ago, missionary Frank Johnson and his wife were traveling with their son through a country in Southern Asia. A heavy spirit of oppression permeated the area. The people in that area are Hindus. Hindus believe in and worship millions of different gods. They are always doing things to make their gods happy. With so many different gods, you can image how difficult it is to please all of them.

The spirit of oppression becomes more noticeable near the temples of the various gods. In fact, visitors from the United States sometimes become ill while touring the temple grounds of these gods.

On this particular day, the Johnsons were driving their red Speed the Light Jeep® Wagoneer, dubbed the “Pentecostal Firewagon” by their missionary friends. It was a bit larger than most cars in the area. The roads were narrow, so when two vehicles met, one had to pull onto the shoulder of the road to let the other vehicle pass.

Most bridges were even narrower than the paved roads. If two vehicles approached from opposite ends of a bridge, one vehicle would have to give up the right-of-way and allow the other vehicle to pass before they could cross the bridge.

The Johnsons approached a narrow bridge. Frank looked carefully to see if there were any other vehicles approaching the bridge at the other end. His Speed the Light jeep is so wide that another vehicle could not be on the bridge at the same time as his. Since he did not see any other vehicles, he started to drive across the bridge.

As the Johnsons neared the middle of the bridge, they saw a car racing toward them. Men had their heads out the windows, and they were shouting angrily. They seemed to be drunk. A head-on collision seemed inevitable. The car was approaching rapidly, and there was no room to pass.

There was nothing the Johnsons could do, and there was nowhere to go. The only thing they could do was pray. At the same instant, Frank and his wife both cried, “Jesus, help us!” They closed their eyes and braced themselves for the impact.

At that instant, a miracle occurred. The Johnsons opened their eyes and immediately found themselves parked at the other end of the bridge.

For some moments they sat still, pale and trembling, but praising God. They don’t know how, but they were all safe and unharmed. The other vehicle was gone, and the Johnsons’ jeep didn’t have a scratch.

Many years have passed since the Johnson’s lives were saved on that bridge. Did God send angels to pick up their “Pentecostal Firewagon” and carry it from the middle of the bridge to a safe place on the other side? They don’t know; their eyes were closed. They didn’t see angels, but they went on their way rejoicing that the name of Jesus brings help when demonic forces seem invincible.

There is power in the name of Jesus. When you need help, don’t forget to call on Jesus. He’s always there and He hears your prayers.


The information from this story came from Mountain Movers