Missionaries Jack and Georgia Belin were driving up a steep road in El Fuerte, the pre-Inca ruins high in the Andes Mountains of Bolivia. They were driving in their Speed-the-Light Mitsubishi vehicle.

It was Wednesday morning and the team was having its day off in the country. There were seven people in the van. The cliff roads in the mountains are incredibly steep and narrow with no guardrails.

Suddenly, the van hit a puddle and slid to the right-toward the cliff. There had been a landslide in the previous night's rainstorm, and a large portion of the road was washed out.

Missionary Belin saw in an instant that the road was gone but there was nothing he could do to avoid rolling over the cliff since they were in a free slide in the mud. Everyone in the van thought that they were surely going to die.

As they braced themselves for the fall, a miracle happened. They passed over the landslide without feeling so much as a small bump.

Missionary Belin stopped the car and they all got out to take a look. They couldn't believe their eyes! The tire tracks of the van were clearly off the road—over a cliff thousands of feet high—and then they reappeared about five feet on the other side of the landslide!

Everyone in that van was astonished! They had never seen anything like that before. Missionary Belin said that they must have driven over a bridge of angels! We serve an awesome God that can do anything!



This story was written by Missionary Jack Belin. It was reprinted from a DFM publication.


From: http://4kids.ag.org/