Divine protection



Kim hurried along on her bicycle in the city of Tirane, Albania. She was a missionary called by God to the people of Albania. Kim Choate had followed God's calling into ministry and was busy doing all that God called her to do.

The streets were full of people going every which way on bikes, motorcycles, cars, buses, and any other means of transportation they could find. Traveling was always dangerous. On this particular day, it could have been Kim's last.

As Missionary Kim was traveling along the busy streets with cars and buses whizzing by, a person on another bicycle, coming in the opposite direction, suddenly lost control and crashed into Kim. Usually when two bicycles collide, the people riding them can get skinned up pretty bad. But when this bicycle collided with Kim, it pushed her right into the oncoming traffic. As she fell to the pavement, a car came speeding by and hit Kim's head.

The car screeched to a stop. The people all gathered around to see if they could help. Kim was lying on the ground stunned. People tried to help her up, but Kim knew she should not move. She tried to lay very still. Kim had been hit in the head by a car driving in the opposite direction. The car didn't have a chance to slow down or stop before hitting her.

This country had very limited medical supplies and equipment. Hospital conditions were very poor. If medical help did come to help Kim, they probably couldn't do very much for her.

Kim knew all this and decided that she needed to trust in the Lord and not in any of the medical help. She decided to get up as carefully as possible without moving her back or neck. Kim got into the car of the man who had hit her.

As Kim got into the car, she began to pray in the Spirit. Suddenly, she felt a change in her body. She also had a peace that God was with her. She was still in pain, but she felt different. She felt God's healing upon her body.

The doctors were amazed. She should have been unconscious or had broken bones or a broken skull. She should have had numbness, brain swelling or a concussion. She could have had memory loss or other problems. But she was perfectly fine. God had miraculously protected her and healed her!


Information for this story came from the May 1995 edition of the Mountain Movers magazine.


From: http://4kids.ag.org/