"Suresh and Grace Rajan lead the 'Calcutta Seminary', a Bible School in Calcutta," continues Ted Olson's report. "Grace and I would never have met," Suresh told him, "if not for a tragedy which happened one day - and a miracle! In India, most marriages are still organised by the parents. I was a poor pastor, Grace taught Civil Engineering at the University. Her parents were

determined that she would not marry under her station, and kept an eye out for a doctor or someone of similar status. One evening, Grace's bus left the road and crashed into a ditch; the motor caught fire, and a number of fragile petrol canisters belonging to another passenger were spilled. The whole bus was soon a sea of flames, and a death-trap for all 52 passengers because of the tiny windows and lack of emergency exits. Grace knew that she would die, and called to Jesus. Suddenly, the words of Psalm 91 came to mind: 'For he will order his

angels to protect you in all you do.' As Grace prayed these words, she was astonished to find herself on the roadside, looking at the burning bus. She was completely unharmed; angels had obviously supernaturally freed her from the bus. That evening, all 51 of the other passengers died, trapped in the bus. Only Grace survived. Because of the miracle, Grace's parents allowed her to marry Pastor Suresh. Today, she mentors a group of Bible students planting new

churches in the unreached Orang tribe. She does not miss teaching at the university at all," says Ted Olson.


Source: Ted Olson, Dawn Report, Fax (+1)-719-548-7475


Friday Fax 2002 Issue 30, 26 July