Grozny/Caucasus: church untouched, 15 Muslim rebels find Christ



A team sent by mission agency OM to Russia returned with the following report: "During the weeks before the Chechnyan war, many Christian churches in Grozny received words from God telling them that a war was about to break out. As a result, around half of the Christians could retreat into safer areas, while others remained in the town during the war. Because the Russians failed in driving all the rebels out of the town, they decided to use a new tactic: first, rockets were used to destroy the upper stories of all the buildings, and in a second wave, the town was bombarded to destroy the ground floors too. Anything left standing would be destroyed in a third wave. A Baptist pastor in the town, who was a bomber pilot in the Second World War, said 'I have never seen such destruction in my entire life.' Despite the massive destruction, one single building remained as by a miracle untouched: the Baptist church. That was also where the town's remaining Christians had gathered. During the attacks, other inhabitants of the town also realised that the church was not being hit, and 53 people also fled there. Amidst the sounds of the attacks, the believers preached the gospel to these people, and all 53 became Christians on the spot, including 15 Muslim rebels."


Source: Debbie Meroff, OMNI (Operation Mobilisation News & Information)