Nigeria: driving without petrol



We have received the following report from Nigeria: "Our driver told us 'Every night, people are killed here.' As he said this, our car stopped: we had run out of petrol! The driver repeated 'This is a very dangerous place!' Two women walked past and said to each other 'They'll be killed if they stay here all night!' As I heard this, I called to God: 'God, please help us and protect us.' Suddenly, our driver said 'The engine works again!' The car started and we drove 35 miles without any petrol. I said 'God really does the impossible!' As soon as we were outside the danger zone, the car stopped again, this time very close to a filling station. However, it was a Friday, when all Nigerian filling stations are closed. For some reason, though, this one was open. I'm convinced that God heard and answered my prayer."


Source: S. Jones, Nigeria, from: SOON, Willington, Derby DE65 6BN, UK