Ex-GDR: Angels guard church in a barn



In Zockau in the old East Germany in 1983, a small free church was founded. Gerhard Lohnert, an engineer, was at the time leader of the choir in the local evangelical church. His family was looking for deeper experience with God, "as we read in the Acts of the Apostles".

In 1984, they started a free church in a barn, where many miracles occurred. Lohnert says that in 1986, a child was healed of cancer. The doctors had given the child only 14 days to live, and they confirmed that a miracle had happened. The church was closed by the Stasi in 1986. During interrogation, the pastor was asked on which occasions the men wore white cloaks.

"I laughed until it hurt, because we never did anything like that", Lohnert remembers. The interrogator replied "We have seen men in white cloaks on your premises." Lohnert says that they reported this in the church later, and suddenly realised that they had often prayed "Lord, put angels around this house and grounds." He has no other explanation for the "men in white cloaks".


Source: H.Roder/G.Lohnert, Josua-Bote, Fax +49-30-672-1415


From: http://www.jesus.org.uk/