Some time ago, the people of the Tugutil village of Lili in Indonesia were in danger of having their village overrun by Muslim "jihad" forces. Recently, some of them have been able to come out of the jungle, and share their testimony of God's supernatural protection: "God in His mercy has seen fit to preserve this little band of believers. One time, four large boatloads of Muslim attackers arrived at Lili and started to invade the village. They suddenly couldn't see the road, the two houses on the beach, or even the small road that led to the village a few hundred yards away. They all got scared and piled back into their boats and left." "Another time, a large group came up the beach from the Moslem village to the south. When they reached the mouth of a small stream only a hundred yards or so from the road into the village, they 'saw God' according to a few reports! The next morning, Lili's inhabitants saw the footprints of a couple hundred men that came up to that point and then turned around and went back." "Still another time, some self-styled jihad (not the trained ones from Java) persuaded some local Moslem villagers to accompany them on an attack against Lili. As their boats came into the bay they saw two large red boats toward the south end of the bay. The closer this small army advanced, the clearer the two red boats became, so they changed course and retreated as fast as they could. But, lo and behold, as they went back to sea and skirted around these two large red boats, they suddenly disappeared!" "Some of the local Moslem men began declaring to any and all would-be attackers from outside the area that if they were to attack Lili they would be fighting against God! A few of these 'Lili Defenders' have left the area for fear that some of their 'stupid' brethren might attack Lili, calling God's wrath down on them all!'"


Source: Steve & Eida Irwin, New Tribes Mission, e-mail: