Africa: 26 intercessors, 26 angels



During vacation, an American missionary told his home church of the following experience: "Every 2 weeks, I cycle into town to go shopping. Not long ago, I went into town and, as always, wanted to get money from the bank to buy medicine and other things. When I arrived, I saw two men fighting. One was seriously injured, so I treated him and told him about Jesus. After buying what I needed, I set off on the two day journey back to base, slept in the jungle and arrived home safely. When I repeated the journey two weeks later, the young man I had treated came up to me and said "Two weeks ago, I followed you into the jungle with some friends. We knew that you would sleep in the jungle, and had decided to kill you and take your money and medicine. Just as we were about to raid your camp, we noticed the 26 armed guards." I laughed, and told him that I could not take any guards with me, so was completely alone, but I couldn't persuade him. "All my friends saw the men, and we all counted them. We were afraid of the guards, so didn't attack you."" As the missionary said that, a man in the church jumped to his feet, interrupting the report to ask exactly when it had happened. He then explained: "While that was happening at night in Africa, it was morning here. I had planned to play some golf, but suddenly felt such a burden to pray for you that I called other men to pray with me here in the church. Would all those who prayed with me stand up?" The missionary was not so interested in knowing exactly who had prayed for him, but was astonished to see how many: 26, exactly how many angels had been guarding him.


Source: ASCKEN News