Angels guard a church in Benin



In one village in the southwest of the country, Voodoo believers had intimidated members of a Christian church. Some 15 men armed with machetes forced their way into the church one Sunday morning, and warned the Christians never to come again. The next Sunday, the violent Voodoo believers were again there, but waited a little way from the church, not coming closer. The reason for their hesitance was only revealed later: "They saw large, muscular men in white clothes guarding the building," says Marti Roman, a missionary for the American independent church Assemblies of God. "I believe they were angels," he says. The number of Assemblies of God fellowships is currently doubling every three or four years; pastors target particular villages, sending evangelistic teams which start a house church. Once the house church has reached a certain size, they buy a church building. There are now at least 260 registered AoG fellowships in the country, each of which has between 2 and 6 satellite fellowships, according to Roman.


Source: Religion Today