Supernaturally freed from jail



He is known as 'The Heavenly Man', 41 years old, and famous not only in China: house-church leader Liu Zhenying. He has been imprisoned for his faith several times, and during one imprisonment, according to Chinese sources, fasted for 74 days without water. On 16 March 1997, he broke both legs when jumping out of a window to escape police before his most recent arrest. He was sent to a high-security jail, but confidently expected to be freed. The other inmates considered him to be mad. His legs had healed by the time a fellow inmate, also a Christian, told him "You can go now!" "I wanted to be sure," says Liu, "and asked God for instructions God told me that it was time. Revelation and information from God are much more important than telegrams and telephones," he says. "I have a simple theology. I don't look at what I see, but at what I believe. When God spoke to me, I saw one of the large prison doors open; a guard was about to close it when the telephone rang. I went through the door, putting my life in God's hand. Another door leading out of the prison was also open. I can only think that an angel opened it," he says. "In all, three iron doors opened in front of me. It was perfect timing - I couldn't have left 20 seconds earlier or later. As I stood outside the prison, a taxi stopped, and took me to a Christian house. The people had been fasting and praying for me for a week, and already knew that their house would be my first stop after leaving jail. They already had a bed and clothes prepared for me."